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March 28, 2016

I am so excited that TES USA has chosen my Biography Research Project Bundle to feature in their $2 Good to Be True sale!  This is my favorite resource (ssshhh!  Don’t tell my other resources) and you can get it for only $2 this week (regular price is $8)!  You can check out their video review here:

Now is the perfect time to start this project. There is enough time left in the school year to be able to pull off a fabulous Living History Museum in your classroom.  Maybe you want a new twist on your own biography projects, or perhaps you are a new teacher who is ready to take the leap into a large research project, but you aren’t sure exactly HOW to do it.  This 168 page Biography Research Project BUNDLE for grades 3-5 contains everything you will need for every step of the project- from Anchor Charts to Assessments.  I have done this project with classes as big as 35 students, so it is totally doable!  This project also covers Reading, Writing, Speaking, Social Studies and Technology standards.

You may be wondering HOW to pull off such a large project with so many students.  The key is that this Biography Research Project is differentiated and self directed.  You will be guiding them through the process using the detailed day to day plans, like the one shown below, but students will take complete ownership over their research process.  They will have CHOICE and independence, the keys to student buy in.

Sample of daily plans
Biography Research Project Sample Day

You will teach students HOW to research.  As a teacher, I was so frustrated with students simply copying their answers out of their books without truly understanding what they are writing.  Students will learn how to pick out the important information themselves and put it in their OWN words.  Next, they will write a creative and interesting project.  This biography research project is designed to be done 100% in class, with the exception of putting together an outfit for their person.  This is the perfect way to end the school year.

Don’t worry, I have your back.  I completed this project for Jim Henson and provided everything for you.  I walk you through my entire process, down to the book to read to your class, sample notes for each step of the way and alternative research resources such as podcasts and websites.  This Biography Research Project also includes two completed projects to show to your class.  You can also check out my Biography Research Pinterest board for student friendly biography research resources!

Biography Research Project Preview
Biography Research Project Preview

This is a BUNDLE because it truly does include everything listed below:

*5+ weeks of detailed Biography Research instructions- how to teach students how to read, evaluate and synthesize biographies into their own words. No more copying straight from the book!
*Parent letters explaining the biography research project. These letters are ready to sign and send home! The letters are available in English and Spanish
*Biography anchor chart printables
*Interactive Journal Pages
*All student hand outs and teacher masters
*Detailed preparation instructions- how to choose biographies, contacting your library and gathering biography materials
*Suggestions of biographies: Figures of American History and Contemporary Figures lists. There is also a blank page for you to make your own lists
*Visual examples for the teacher of biography research note taking and biography anchor charts
*Creative ways to assess prior knowledge about
*Review of important parts of biographies
*suggestions on how to supervise student biography research work and create guided reading groups based on needs you see during biography research
*step-by-step instructions on how to demonstrate how to make a digital end product using PowerPoint or Prezi. I have included a finished biography Prezi and a mostly complete biography PowerPoint for you to complete with your class.
*Invitations to the Biography Research Finale- a Living History Museum! Invite other classes and school staff!
*suggestions of audio resources
*Writing Process Clip Chart!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!


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