Leap Day SALE!

February 28, 2016

I am so excited to be participating in the Super Leap TpT sale!  To celebrate this EXTRA day, I am putting my entire store on sale with 15% off everything.  I have chosen 4 items to be on EXTRA discount (29%) off for two days only!


The first item I have chosen for the #superleap SALE is my St. Patrick’s Day Math Pack.  This math pack is full of fun, engaging activities that your students will LOVE!  It includes puzzles, games a hidden picture and MORE!  This St. Patrick’s Day Math Pack is fully aligned to 3rd grade common core standards and is great for review, early finishers, centers or small groups!  Get it 2/29 and 3/1 for only $3.90! (normally $5.50)


The second product I am featuring in the #superleap sale is my St. Patrick’s Day Creative Thinking Packet!  I love this packet for your gifted and talented learners who need a little more challenge in their day.  They will think of responses to question such as “What WOULDN’T you buy with a pot of gold?”.  There are no “wrong” answers, just more creative ones!  Students will combine objects, think critically, explain a strange situation and MORE!  Get it on 2/29 and 3/1 for only $3.55!  (normally $5.00)!

Fraction bundle coverThe third product that I am featuring is my Fraction Mega Bundle.  This is one of my best-sellers and includes everything you need to teach your students about fractions! This Fraction MEGA Bundle covers all 3rd grade standards for fractions!   From games to assessments to posters, this bundle is perfect for centers, small groups or review!  Normally $12, you can get it on 2/29 and 3/1 for only $8.50!

Reading, Writing and Science bundle cover

Lastly for the #superleap sale, I chose a unit that I am most proud of!  This unit was over a month in the making.  It is an integrated unit that covers all the 3rd grade standards for Force and Interaction, as well as 3rd grad reading and writing standards.  One month of detailed daily plans are included!  Students will do hands on experiments to learn about these concepts.  They will build simple pendulums, experiment with static electricity and magnetism and record it all in their science journal.   This unit will help you dig deeper into the topic and make your planning easy!  Everything except math is done for you.  Normally $12, you can pick up this unit on 2/29 and 3/1 for only $8.50!

Remember, the REST of my store is on sale too!  Happy Leap Day!


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