Mother’s Day Traditions

May 8, 2016

Happy Mother’s Day!  And a special Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mother!  You are absolutely AMAZING and thank you for everything that you do!   As Liam says “You are the best grandma a kid could have”.  You are a true inspiration and give me unconditional love and support. I love you!!

An extra special thanks to these cuties for making me a mommy!  You changed my life more than you will ever know!  I love you so, so much!

Thirdly, Happy Mother’s Day to my sis!  You are an amazing mom and do an absolutely amazing job with the cutest niece an aunt could ask for!!!

I hope that you are all getting showered with flowers, cards, brunch and a day to put your feet up! But, if you are like most moms I know, there is a SMALL (and by “small”, I mean, pretty significant) chance that you had to plan the activities for “your” day.  As for me, the cinnamon roll dough is ready, Mother’s Day crafts are ready to be done and a walk in he woods is planned.  Oh, and of course, take out for dinner.  Who lavished all of these plans on my Mom and I?  ME!

I am a single mom.  There is no loving husband ready to jump in and make sure that the day is special.  It would be super easy to be just a little bummed about that, but I have decided not to let it get to me.  There are millions of other things to worry about :).

I have decided to take the day into my own hands.  I want to teach my children two main lessons:

1.  You honor mom in some way (gifts, flowers, crafts,etc)

2.  Mom gets to do what mom wants to do

(#2 might be a hard sell.  My son declared “but I don’t like doing any of those things” when I told him our plans).

After some thought, I settled upon starting a new tradition on Mother’s Day. My mom and I are always searching for ways to improve our garden.  What better than something made with love!

We will be making/adding something to the garden each year.  This year I decided to start off with a personalized garden stone.  I love handprint/footprint art as it captures a moment in time and growth in a tangible way that photos and videos can’t.

I found fairly easy kits at Michaels for 40% off.  (If they are no longer on sale, a quick “Michaels coupon” search will quickly pull up a digital coupon that can be used in-store). I love that it includes stamp letters which makes it easy to add names and ages.

Here is a picture of the one we made for my dad for his birthday:

It is one foot square.  I won’t lie, it was a little nerve-wracking working with cement….inside…with three preschoolers.  I had to dig out more than one stone and re-do a handprint or two, but it was worth it.  This thing will also last forever and is portable, unlike your patio or driveway!

Fingers crossed that it goes as planned!  Either way, I get to spend Mother’s Day with my favorite people on earth and I couldn’t ask for more!!!

Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions?  I would love to hear them!

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